What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?

After shampooing a dog, we dry it with a hair dryer, which is a defiant tax for the owner. However, natural drying can cause skin diseases and unusual problems, so it is necessary to dry a dog thoroughly. In this issue, we will introduce the basics of using a hair dryer and just about shortening techniques!

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图Is It Necessary to Use a Hair Dryer After Shampooing?

After bathing dogs at home, we dry a dog with a hair dryer, but many dog owners may think that it is a bit of a hassle. During the hot season or if you have a short-haired dog, you may think, “Can’t I just let it dry out naturally?” However, there may be times when you may think, “I can just let my dog dry naturally”. However, there are important reasons to dry your tail with a hair dryer before shampooing.

Risks of not using a dryer

If you leave your dog to dry out naturally by towel-drying only, it is easy for bacteria to turn on the freshly dried area. Breeding bacteria can cause skin diseases, so it is necessary to dry the tag thoroughly after shampooing. Adult dogs, of course, should never be allowed to dry naturally, but puppies should never be allowed to dry naturally. Puppies’ immune systems are still low, and even a little spot of remnant dryness can lead to cooling of the body and cause illness.

Now you understand the necessity of using a hair dryer to thoroughly dry out the dog’s hair, considering the dog’s health. Now let’s look at the basic subroutine for drying dog hair.

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图1Procedures for Drying Dog Hair with a Hair Dryer

After thoroughly rinsing out the shampoo solution, carefully towel dry the dog’s hair before applying the hair dryer. Then, use a moo blow-dryer and dry the dog’s hair except for the area around the face, where the dog is less likely to be discomposed by it. Start with the back of the body and gradually work your way to the front of the body. If your dog gets used to it, you can use a strong wind, but if he doesn’t care, you can turn it back to a moo wind!

Dogs with hanker-ear hair should be dried first

As mentioned above, start with the sphere around the face. For breeds with hankering ear hair, such as long-coated Chihuahuas, Papillons, Cavaliers, and Cockers, it is important to dry a dog from the ears first. Ear hair can well become habit-forming if left wet, so if your dog does not mind, dry it out of the ears as soon as possible.

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图2Places Where It Is Easy to Forget to Apply the Dog Dryer

Even if you think you have completely dried your dog’s hair with a hair dryer, there are places where you may leave it to do so. Knowing these places in advance will prevent you from forgetting to dry out your dog, so be sure to check them carefully!

Between the fingers

The area between the fingers is one of the most common places to leave the dryer unattended. Dogs can open their fingers by pressing lightly on the base of the fingers, so be sure to spread them one at a time and dry a dog thoroughly with a hair dryer.


The armpits are also difficult to dry and tend to be left raw. When drying the armpits, it is recommended to hold and flex the face leg so that the axillary fossa is unfolded for soft drying. Since the skin is thin in this area, be sure to keep a hair dryer away from it.

Inner armpits

Like the armpits, the internal thighs also have thin skin, so be sure to keep a hair dryer away from them. Lifting the legs somewhat makes it easier to dry.


The large area of the stomach makes it difficult to dry, but dry it patiently with a hair dryer. The large area of the belly can get cold if it is left undried, so dry it thoroughly. Especially in winter, be careful not to leave the dog undried!

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图3Tips and Cautions for Applying the Dryer to Your Dog

Things to do before the dryer

When drying the hair with a hair dryer after shampooing, towel dry it thoroughly first. By cautiously drying the dog’s hair with this towel, you can reduce the drying time.

Also, if you blow on the dog’s ears, the dog will “burble” itself, causing the wet fur to fly off. Many owners do this before towel drying as a crosscut technique.

When using a hair dryer, keep the hair dryer away from the dog

After towel-drying well, it is time to use a hair dryer. Use the hair dryer at a distance of 20 to 30 atomic number 96 from the dog, and start brushing the dog’s hair with a slicker or sweep rather than a pass-on comb.

By using an oilskin or brush, the air from the dryer can penetrate deep into the hair, resulting in faster drying. Also, be aware that shaking the hair while applying the dryer may result in scratchy drying.

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图4Dry the area around the face from the back

When drying the area around the face, which is sensitive to dogs, it is important to apply cold ventilation from behind, not directly in front of, the dog. If the areas under the eyes and around the mouth are left raw, it can lead to “tear stains” and “drooling”. Be really careful not to let it hit your eyes to spell drying!

Don’t forget to undefined a final examination check!

The drying process is complete when the hairs on the interior of the pelt are fluttering, but be sure to make a final undefined just to be sure. When you make the final check, comb through the entire hair along the flow of the hair and make sure there is no residue.

For dogs with long hair, it is also recommended to apply cold air at the end to see how the hair parted. If the hairs are swelling and separated, it is a sign that they are dry. For breeds with short-circuit hair or areas with short hair, do a final check by touching all over the dog’s body.

What Is the Best Way to Dry a Dog?插图5If in Doubt, Ask a Professional

Sometimes we hear the question, “Can I use a human hair dryer?” Of course, there are dryers for dogs available on the market! Of course, there are hair dryers for dogs available on the market, but a human hair drier can also be bought secondhand to dry out your dog well.

If you are not confident in all but shampooing or victimization a hair dryer, you may want to leave it to a professional person much as a trimmer. If you force your dog to employ a hair dryer on a dog that does not like it, it may lead to the dog’s reluctance to have its nails clipped or brushed, which may worsen the relationship between the owner and the dog. And if your perfect partner does not like it, you should either ask for it boldly or try it gradually until he gets used to it. Do not force it.

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