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How To Choose A Quick-Drying Dog Dryer?

A quick-drying dog dryer that quickly dries your dog’s body after shampooing. The large ventilate volume makes this a convenient item that can spare time when preparation long-haired dogs. However, there are many types and functions available, such as blowers, freestanding types, and those with nozzles, and many people may be confused nearly which one to purchase. So this time, I would like to introduce the benefits and how to choose a quick-drying dog dryer.

Advantages of Choosing A Quick-drying Dog Dryer

The trump matter about dog dryers that are quick-drying is that they allow you to dry your dog’s body in a short amount of time. Drying the coat of not only if large dogs and long-haired dogs, but also modest dogs that move round can be a pain. For dogs, staying in the same put over for long periods of time and organism exposed to warm wind can be rattling disagreeable for dogs.

However, if it is half-dried, it may cause bad odors, scrape diseases, colds, etc., so it is necessary to dry it as soon as possible. A quick-drying drier with higher airflow and high functionality than a regular dog dryer not only when reduces the hassle for the owner, but also reduces the saddle on the dog.

It as well reduces the undefined to hair and skin caused by applying hot air for a hanker time. However, some winds are warm and loud, and approximately reviews say that they can be scary for dogs. Please consider your dog’s personality and choose one that is comfortable for both dogs and humans.

How To Choose A Quick-drying Dog Dryer

Blower type with large vent volume

For larger dogs such as medium-sized and large dogs, we recommend an electric fan type with a boastfully air volume. There are deuce types of dog dryers: blowers and dryers. A blower is a high-power hair dryer that blows out moisture in the gaps between the hair and dries it with powerful wind. Even long-haired dogs can be dried in about half to one-third of the time of a regular hair dryer, so it can besides be used for commercial purposes. However, blowers tend to work in loud noises, so or s people may be disinclined of them and dislike them. If your dog is timid, search for 1 with a quieten design.

Also, in the case of small dogs care Chihuahuas, it is better to use one that does not have too much flow of air as there is less surface domain to dry. If you’re looking for a blower, it’s best to choose one that allows you to finely adjust the air volume settings, and try bit by bit starting from the worst setting.

Freestanding type

For mischievous small dogs, consider a free-standing type. Even if your dog doesn’t like hair dryers and gets violent, chews, or barks, the free-standing type allows you to securely hold your dog with both hands, as the nozzle part that blows air can be fixed.

Another great feature is that you can use a towel or a brush or slicker to dry your hair hands-free. You’ll spend less time brushing, so you can groom your dog more quickly. Even if your dog is fearful, you can pet his head and body to calm him down and dry him.

However, even if the nozzle can be moved, the area that the wind hits is small. It may be difficult to use it for large dogs, as it is difficult to move it each time, depending on the area you want to dry. Choose a type that allows you to adjust the temperature and air volume as much as possible, and talk to your dog as you dry them gently.

Able to adjust temperature over a wide range

If you want to dry efficiently, choose one that can adjust the temperature over a wide range. In order to dry clothes quickly, it is essential to have warm air. By blowing warm air, water evaporates and dries not only the tips but also the roots in a short time.

Additionally, dogs are not able to regulate their body temperature very well, so it is recommended that you use one that allows you to finely adjust the temperature. The stratum corner on the surface of dogs’ skin is thinner and more delicate than that of humans. Exposure to hot air for a long time may cause burns. In the hot summer, it is convenient to have a cooling function to prevent your body temperature from rising too high.

There are some products on the market that allow you to change the temperature steplessly. Especially in the case of small dogs, the whole body will be exposed to warm air, so it is best to use something that can start as cold as possible.

with nozzle

If you want to dry small areas efficiently, a nozzle is convenient. If you use the nozzle to send air in a concentrated manner, the air will reach areas that are hard to dry, such as your stomach, inner thighs, armpits, and between your fingers, allowing you to dry your clothes more quickly.

In addition, if the product comes with several types of nozzles as accessories, you can use them depending on the area you want to dry, making it more efficient. Check to see if it has the specifications you want, such as a wide type that blows air evenly over a wide area, a thin nozzle type that sends air to a pinpoint, or a nozzle type with a brush.

Recommended Quick-Dry Dog Dryers

DUZ hands-free dryer

The temperature can be adjusted in 4 levels and the air volume can be adjusted in 3 levels, so you can set it to suit your dog. Since it is a stand-alone type, you can brush and dry it at the same time, and the great thing about it is that the owner can finish drying it by himself. Although there were some places where the nozzle was not stable depending on the angle, I was very impressed with the fact that the nozzle with the air outlet can be adjusted to a fine angle, making it easy to apply it to small areas.

Pétion pet dryer slim

“Petion Pet Dryer Slim” by Mittani Denki, which handles cooking appliances and beauty products. It has two air outlets, can be moved about 270 degrees from side to side, and can be adjusted in height, making it easy to use for small dogs as well as medium and large dogs.

Temperature and air volume can be adjusted in three levels, and there are enough functions to suit the needs of your pet. Since it is a stand-alone dryer, even one owner can dry the dog while brushing it. The nozzle with an air outlet moves in a circular pattern, making it easy to apply it to the area you want to dry, and the fact that it can be fixed securely also gave me a good impression of how easy it was to use.

To dry faster, it is important to thoroughly remove moisture with a towel dryer before using the hair dryer. You can save even more time by using a chamois towel with excellent absorbency. The trick to using a hair dryer is to blow air from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm, and blow the air all the way to the roots while brushing with a slicker or brush. Many dogs dislike the area around their face, so the key to drying smoothly is to gradually move from the lower body to the upper body.

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