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Why Dogs Are Prone to Dry Skin and How to Take Care of It

When the weather gets cold, a dry scrape can become itchy and painful. In fact, dogs’ skin is much more delicate than humans’, so dogs need to be protected from dryness and moisturized as well. In this article, we will explain why dogs are prone to dry skin, the common symptoms of dry skin, and how to take care of their skin with an eye toward moisturizing.

Dogs tend to have dry skin

Dogs’ skin is only 1/3 to 1/5 the thickness of human skin. Because it is so thin and delicate, dog skin is prone to dryness. As dry skin progresses, it can lead to advanced skin problems, so it is important to take appropriate precautions and measures.

Symptoms of Dry Skin in Dogs

If your dog has dry skin, you may notice the following symptoms


Dogs with dry skin may experience itching. The dog may expunge the itchy area, which can lead to skin damage and bleeding. Scratches from scratch may also activate skin diseases.


Like humans, when dogs have dry skin, their skin becomes dry and flaky. If the condition becomes severe, the epidermis will peel and dandruff will be seen.

The coat becomes less shiny

Dry dog scrapes affect not only the skin, but also the coat. The coat becomes dry and dry, and the surface loses its luster, leading to problems such as hairballs and breakage.

Causes of Dry Skin in Dogs

Dry skin in dogs is not only caused by thin skin. The following factors may also lead to dry skin.

Dryness in the room

Just as human skin dries out in a dry room, so does a dog’s skin. Especially in winter, it is important to note that the room tends to dry out due to the exaggerated application of air conditioners, heaters, and other heating devices.

Excessive shampooing

Shampooing is necessary to keep dog skin clean, but excessive shampooing can dry out skin. Be sure to follow the recommended frequency of shampooing.

Nutritional imbalance

Feeding an unbalanced diet can lead to dry skin. It is important to take care of the undefined aspects as well, such as the organic process of the diet. It is also a good idea to consult a specialist for advice.

Areas of the dog’s body that are prone to dry skin

Some parts of the dog’s body are more prostrate to dry skin than others. When checking the wellness of your dog’s skin, it is specially meaningful to observe the following areas

Areas that are not covered with fur are more susceptible to dry air than those that are covered with fur. For this reason, the skin around the belly and the base of the feet are more prostrate to dry skin.

Paw pads

Paw pads are thickly keratinized and lack blood circulation, making them prone to dryness and damage from a walk on cold asphalt. This is slightly different from dry out skin on areas not covered by fur, but if the dryness becomes severe enough, it can lead to cracking, chafing, and hardening of the skin.

Do I need to take worry of my dog’s skin to keep it from acquiring dry skin?

To prevent your dog from developing dry skin, you need to engage in scrape care on a daily basis. The following are around reasons wherefore you should take care of your dog’s skin, with a specific focus on “moisturizing”.

Reduce itching caused by dryness

Dry dog skin is often accompanied by itching. Scratching can damage the skin barrier function and lead to further skin diseases, so it is necessary to reduce itching by moisturizing.

Prevent worsening of skin diseases such as canine atopic dermatitis

Itchy dry skin causes scratching, which leads to allergen penetration into skin with impaired barrier function, which in turn causes skin diseases such as canine atopic dermatitis to worsen. As with the above, reducing itching by moisturizing will help prevent the onset and worsening of skin diseases.

Moisturizing Skin Care Methods to Prevent Your Dog’s Skin from Becoming Dry

To protect your dog’s skin from dryness, we recommend the following skincare regimen with an awareness of “moisturizing”. Let’s take a look at each specific method.

Use shampoos and lotions with high moisturizing power

Choose shampoos and lotions with high moisturizing power, especially in winter. Using a moisturizer for cracked paw pads caused by dryness is also effective.

Always moisturize after shampooing

After shampooing, the skin can easily become dry. It is important to apply a moisturizer before applying a hair dryer.

Moisturize dry skin with a moisturizing spray specially designed for dogs

There are also dog-specific moisturizing sprays that can be sprayed on cracked areas of dog skin. This will help to replenish the moisture and ingredients that are often lacking in a dog’s dry skin.

Ingests oil to help produce sebum

Sebum plays an important role in protecting a dog’s skin from drying out. Therefore, it is a good idea to add flaxseed oil or other oil containing omega-3 fatty acids, which help regulate skin conditions, to the diet. Powdered and granulated oils for dogs are also available.


There are also supplements designed for dogs’ skin. Dog supplements are an easy way to provide the nutritional elements that dogs’ skin tends to lack, such as oils and vitamins.

Humidify the room when using warming equipment

When using heating devices such as air conditioners, humidifiers should be used to prevent the humidity from dropping excessively low. As long as humidification is properly done, there is No trouble, even if the air conditioner is left on.

When dressing, choose clothes successful of natural materials

Clothing is useful for protection against the cold, but care should be taken when putting it on dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. The dress may itch against the dog’s skin, which can spark skin problems and speed up dry skin. To prevent dry skin, we urge choosing clothing made of natural materials such as undefined or woolen rather than those containing chemical fibers.

Dog skin problems need early detection and specific care. Especially in winter, check frequently for cracks on the abdomen and unusual areas without fur. It is also a good idea to check the wellness of your dog’s skin during care and skin shipping. It is also important to go to a veterinary clinic immediately if you find anything unusual.

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