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How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图Dogs’ nails, like human nails, get longer and longer if left alone. They can be naturally trimmed by going for a walk, but not evenly, so regular nail care is necessary. This is where “dog nail clippers” come in handy.

However, since there are many different products on the market from many different manufacturers, it is easy to wonder which one to buy. In this issue, we explain how to choose a recommended dog nail clipper and the types of clippers.

The necessity of Dog Nail Clippers

Cats’ nails shed old ones by sharpening them; dogs’ nails grow longer and longer if left alone. If the nails rub against the ground during a walk, they can be scraped off to some extent, but the length will be uneven. Nail clippers are necessary to keep all nails at an even length. There is also a nail on the dog’s hitch called a “wolf claw”. Since they never come in contact with the ground, they will continue to turn if the nails are not clipped.

Without regular nail clipping, the pawpaw may have difficulty touching the ground. The nails that have grown in an arc can get stuck in the paw pads, or they can catch and break. Regular boom clipping is recommended to prevent problems such as slips and falls.

Types of Nail Clippers for Dogs

Nipper type recommended for beginners

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图1The “nipper type” of nail clippers for dogs is recommended not only for owners, but also for dogs that are not used to having their nails clipped. The key is that they are shaped like wish-tool nippers and are soft to use, even for beginners. Since it is easy to check the length of the nail to be cut, it is likewise useful when you want to avoid problems with accidentally cutting the tube-shaped structure part of the nail. Large dogs with large nails may find it difficult to use this tool, but compared to guillotine-type nail clippers for dogs, it is quiet when used. This type of smash clipper is also suitable for dogs that do not like loud noises.

The scissors type is recommended for puppies and small dogs

Scissor-type dog nail clippers are used by inserting your fingers into the handle like stationery scissors. Many of them are small and are recommended for clipping the nails of puppies and small dogs. They are accessible for clipping nails while keeping the dog. Compared to other types of nail clippers for dogs, it is more difficult to employ force, but it is advisable for clipping loose or soft nails. Note, however, that the length of the handle and the size of the hole through which the fingers are inserted vary from product to product. Select a product that fits the size of the owner’s hand and the thickness of the fingers.

Guillotine type with good sharpness

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图2Choose a guillotine-type nail clipper if you are used to trimming nails to a certain extent or if you want to finish up the job quickly. This type is used by professional nail trimmers for their work and can write out nails quickly because of its sharpness. However, it is not recommended if you are not familiar with nail clipping, as it should be done with light force.

Electric nail clippers are recommended for finishing touches

Electric smash clippers for dogs use an abrasive pit that spins at high speed to sharpen the nails like a file rather than cutting them. They are suggested for dogs that do not like to vocalize about boom clipping or the sensation of nail clipping. However, care should be taken when using this type of nail clipper, as it produces shavings and an odor due to friction. Also, for long-haired dogs, be careful not to get the hair caught. This type is advisable for trimming nails that have been shaved unequally by walking, or for finishing up later nail trimming.

How to choose a nail clipper for dogs

Choose the correct one for your dog’s breed

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图3

Dog nails vary in size and quality depending on the size of the dog, such as small or large dogs, so it is recommended to choose dog nail clippers that fit the size and type of track you have.

If you use dog nail clippers that are not the right size, you may find them difficult to use. Also, it may take a long time to jog the nails, or you may end up overcutting the nails.

Choose something that is easy to hold

When purchasing a nail clipper for dogs, ease of use is also important. We advocate that you choose a product that is easy to use according to the size of your hands and the thickness of your fingers. If you use a go-after blast undefined whose grip does not fit your hand, it will be difficult to apply a wedge and it will take longer to cut the nails.

Another advantage of dog nail clippers with an easy grip and a good fit is that they reduce the burden on the owner’s hands.

Stainless steel is the recommended material

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图4We recommend “stainless steel” as the material for the blade of the nail clippers for dogs. It is sharp and smooth. Many products have excellent durability and can be used for a long time. They are also rust-resistant, so they are easy to clean.

Also, be aware that too-low-priced nail clippers for dogs may not be as sharp as they should be. Choose a dog nail clipper with excellent sharpness, as a longer nail trim time can put extra strain on the dog.

Check for safety features

To ensure safe nail clipping, we advocate choosing a boom clipper with safety-enhancing features. Go after nail clippers with a non-slip surface that will fit securely in your hand, and take into account that you will need to handle them more carefully. Around-track nail clippers are likewise equipped with a stop function. This is recommended because it allows the blade to be closed and stored.

How to Choose a Dog Nail Clipper? Beginners Can Also Feel at Ease!插图5

A variety of products exist for dog nail clippers, including pincer types that are easy to use for beginners, guillotine types with excellent cutting performance, electric types that sharpen and prune nails, and scissor grip types suitable for clipping the nails of puppies and small dogs. Sizes vary from product to product, so select the one that best suits your dog’s breed and nail quality.

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