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How to Choose and Use Electric Dog Nail Clippers

Electric nail clippers can cut nails faster than ordinary nail clippers. However, each product has a different shape and function, and there are also reviews about the noise and vibration of electric clippers, so some people may be at a loss as to which one to choose.

In this article, we will introduce how to choose an electric dog nail clipper. We will also explain how to use electric dog nail clippers and the advantages and disadvantages of electric clippers compared to manual clippers, so please refer to this article before purchasing.

How to choose an electric dog nail clipper

Quiet models

If you choose an electric nail clipper for your dog, check for a model that is quiet. Quiet operation is more comfortable for dogs that are new to electric nail clippers, and it will make them less likely to be uncomfortable with nail clipping. This is also a good choice for dogs that don’t like the clacking sound of regular nail clippers.

Some electric nail clippers with a quiet design list the loudness of the motor in decibels (dB). Some electric nail clippers can be “noisy,” but an operating noise level of 50 dB is considered “normal” from an auditory standpoint, so it is advisable to use this figure as a guide in choosing an electric nail clipper.

Those with adjustable speed

With electric canine nail clippers, it is also important to check the speed at which the clippers sharpen the nails, which determines the intensity of the vibration. If the product supports speed adjustment, you can control the cutting speed and vibration according to the condition of the nails.

Vibration is directly transmitted to the dog, so it is recommended to start with a low-speed mode with low vibration so as not to startle the dog, especially if you are using an electric type for the first time. The speed can be gradually increased according to the degree of nail growth and hardness, making it suitable for novice owners who are not yet accustomed to clipping dog nails.

Products with heads of the right size for the dog’s breed

When choosing an electric nail clipper for dogs, make sure it is equipped with a head that fits the breed of dog you own. Different breeds of dogs have different paw and nail sizes, and therefore different suitable heads. It is important to choose a product with a head that is appropriate for your dog’s nails, whether small or large.

Some electric dog nail clippers are available with interchangeable heads. Since the head size can be adjusted according to the breed of dog, they are recommended for people who have multiple dogs and for those who are concerned about whether the head size will fit their dog.

Lighted model for easy viewing of nails

If you value ease of maintenance, check out models with a light that makes it easy to see the nails, and an LED light that illuminates your hand so you can check the growth of the nails while shaving them. Some models allow you to adjust the intensity of the light, which is useful when you want to cut nails while checking the position of delicate blood vessels.

Products with covers to prevent nail dust from flying around

Since nail powder will fly around when sharpening with electric nail clippers, pay attention to products with covers to prevent it from flying around. If you use an electric nail clipper without a cover, you may have to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the powder.

The advantage is that the cover is on the head, which makes it easier to avoid problems with dogs touching the abrasive stone with their noses while shaving their nails.

However, even with covered models, some powder will still fly around. Regardless of whether the model has a cover or not, it is advisable to lay out newspaper in advance to make it easier to collect the powder later.

How to Use Electric Dog Nail Clippers

Electric dog nail clippers have different instructions and precautions than regular nail clippers. To prevent your dog from having a hard time clipping his nails, use them while paying attention to his body position and the condition of his nails.

Keep your dog relaxed to prevent sudden movements

When using electric nail clippers, put your dog in a relaxed position. If your dog is lying on its side, it will be easier to prevent sudden movements when the nail clippers are close to it and avoid risks such as hair entrapment or injury.

However, some dogs may not be comfortable lying on their sides, and the posture in which they can relax varies from dog to dog. It is important to put your dog in a more relaxed position, such as prone or sitting.

Use a bright light that allows you to see blood vessels and nerves

When clipping your dog’s nails, keep the room lighting as bright as possible. Unlike human nails, dogs’ nails have blood vessels and nerves. Even though the advantage of electric nail clippers, which shave the nails little by little, is that they are less likely to damage blood vessels and nerves, it is important to always keep an eye on the condition of the nails.

In addition, for dogs with long hair, there are cases where the nails are hidden by the fur on the limbs. If the lighting in the room or the light from the nail clipper makes it difficult to see the condition of the nails, we recommend trimming them beforehand.

Let’s sharpen them little by little with a small sound

Once your dog has calmed down and you can check the condition of the nails, sharpen them little by little. While your dog is not accustomed to the motor noise of electric nail clippers, it is recommended to use the lowest volume mode possible. The number of seconds to apply the abrasive stone to the nail should be 1-2 seconds. To avoid damaging blood vessels and nerves, check the condition of the nails each time you use it.

It is also important to scrape the nails so that they are rounded and trimmed. If you apply the abrasive stone only to the center of the nail tip, the nail will become square and sharp, which may cause the nail to catch on carpets or sofas.

Dog nail trimming may seem “difficult” to those who are not used to it, but we urge you to consider it as a time of communication with your dog and try it little by little. Of course, you can leave it to veterinary clinics, trimming salons, pet stores, etc. without overdoing it.

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