How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图One of the most unexpected and the costly expenses for pets is the salon fee. Some people may not have time to take their pets to the salon frequently. Clippers are recommended for easy trimming pet hair at home.

With clipper guns, you can save money on salon fees and also treat your pet’s hair at home when you cannot go to the salon due to illness or injury. In particular, dogs that need trimming tend to form hairballs, and many people may want to trim them as often as possible. Here are some tips on how to use pet hair clippers and what to keep in mind when using them.

Before using pet hair clipper guns

Start with a partial cut

It is difficult to cut the whole body at once. To get used to it, try cutting only parts of the body, such as the legs. This will help the owner become accustomed to cutting and also get the pet used to it.

Write down the procedure or keep a model handy

Once the cutting process begins, you will not be able to check the cutting method or cutting videos. Check the procedure well in advance and keep an easy-to-understand summary on hand.

Select clippers based on ease of handling

When choosing clipper guns, check the size along with attachments and accessories. Clippers that are heavy and difficult to hold may be dropped while cutting, and your hands may get tired. If you are a novice cutter, cordless clippers are easier and more convenient to use.

How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图1How to use pet hair clippers

Now it’s time to treat your pet’s hair. Hold the pet hair clipper guns lightly, without putting too much pressure on them. Apply the clippers so that the blades are level with the skin.

While cutting, it is tempting to apply the clippers at a right angle in an attempt to make a short cut, but move them in a parallel motion so that they are just in line with the skin. Be careful not to press the blade against the skin with the bottom of the barikan raised, as this may cut the skin.

Face Neck area

When treating facial hair, pay attention to the eyes and mouth. Cut slowly with the hand that is not holding the clippers, stretching the facial skin. The neck should be treated by starting the cut at the chest and climbing up to the mouth. The throat area should be trimmed by stretching the skin.


If you try to cut the hair on the body all at once, you will not be able to do it well. The trick is to trim the hair while moving the clippers in small increments. If you feel that it is getting hard to cut, remove any hair stuck in the clippers. Pets get tired during the cutting process, so give them a break and a treat between cuts.

Paw pads

Paw pads are uneven and require a lot of care to remove hair. After brushing the paw surface with the clippers, hold the clipper blades up to remove the hair between the paw pads. Be careful to do this carefully, as accidental injury can lead to problems such as abscesses and inflammation.

How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图2

Points to keep in mind when using pet clippers

Pets are irreplaceable family members. Take extra care to avoid accidents and mistakes when trimming hair.

Handle with care

Although clipper guns look safe, they should be handled with the same care as scissors or razors. In particular, the areas around a dog’s feet and hips are delicate. If you trim too much hair, it may bleed, so be careful.

Keep clippers clean

Pet clipper guns sustain dirty easily, so be sure to wash them afterwards each use to sustain them clean. We recommend that you use clippers with drip-dry blades, which are easy to clean. If not properly cared for, clogged hairs and eat on the blades will make it difficult to cut hair, which may lead to accidents. Use the brush provided to strip the blade carefully, and be sure to lubricate it to maintain it sharp.

Cutting while pulling on the skin

When using clipper guns, cut the dog’s skin while pulling on it with the hand that is not holding the clippers. If you proceed without stretching the skin, the blade may catch on the sagging skin and cause injury. Also, by doing this, you will be able to cleanly finish the hair without leaving any clippings.

Do not cut alone, but with a family member. For safety reasons, be sure to have at least two people perform the cutting. It is best to have one person gently support the dog while the other person cuts.

How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图3

Differences between human and pet clippers

The blades are made differently

Dog and cat hair is fine and soft, so clippers for pets have fine blades to catch even fine hair, while clippers for humans have coarse blades to cut thicker, firmer hair.

Consideration for noise and vibration

Pet clipper guns are relatively quiet and vibration is not transmitted much, while human hair clippers require more power, so they are loud and vibrate easily.

How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图4There are four advantages to using clippers

  • Saves money on trimming salon fees.
  • It helps you communicate with your pet dog or cat, and also makes it easier to notice any abnormalities in its body.
  • It reduces the stress of pets that do not like to go to trimming salons.
  • It is not uncommon for pets to be denied access to salons when they are older and unable to go to trimming salons, and it is essential to care for them at home in order to keep their bodies clean.

How to use pet clipper guns and precautions插图5

Once you get the hang of it, you can trim your pet’s hair yourself without going to a salon. You can save money on salon fees and avoid stressing your pet at an unfamiliar salon. Of course, you need to be very careful when handling it, but take your time and take breaks.

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