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How to choose a clipper gun for dog grooming?

A dog clipper gun that allows you to well cut your dog’s long hair. There are various types, including powerful professional products and products for areas such as the look and the soles of the feet. There are also various manufacturers so much as Panasonic and Speedic, and many people may be confused all but which one to choose. This time, I would like to explain how to choose dog clipper guns!

The size of the blade is the range to be cut

By changing the size of the blade according to the area to be cut, it will be easier to cut and reduce stress on your dog. Please choose the blade size according to your usage and purpose.

Basically, for full body cuts, we recommend a blade with a width of 4.5 cm and a length of 3 to 5 mm. With a width of 4.5 cm, you can efficiently cut large areas such as the back, and the main body size tends to be compact and easy to hold. Also, if you cut it with a blade that is 3 to 5 mm long, it will be long enough to reduce the frequency of brushing, so brushing and other maintenance will be relatively easy. Beginners may end up cutting too much if you use a blade with a length of 3 to 5 mm, so we recommend using a blade with a length of 1 mm to cut the surface little by little as if you were stroking your dog’s hair.

The number one reason to use a 1mm blade is safety. If the blade is 1mm long, the shorter the blade, the less likely it will hurt your dog. Therefore, use a blade with a length of 1 mm, especially for delicate areas such as the face and soles of the feet. There is also a narrow type with a blade width of 2 cm or less, but it takes too much time to cut the face etc. Therefore, when cutting around the face or buttocks, we recommend a product with a width of at least 2.5 cm so that it can be turned easily and efficiency is not compromised.

Good sharpness

If the clippers are sharp, you will need to move the clippers less often, which will shorten the work time and reduce the burden on the dog. Also, since the clippers are cut at the same length and firmly, you can expect less unevenness and a better appearance.

In addition, blades are consumables, so they inevitably lose their sharpness over time. If the blade can be sharpened or if the blade is replaceable, you can keep it sharp and use it comfortably. However, the sharpness of the blade cannot be determined until you actually use the product.

Products that are safe for pets

In addition to ease of use for humans, it is also important to consider whether the product is safe for dogs. Be sure to make the following selections as well.

Low-vibration and quiet type

The main reasons why dogs dislike clipper guns are the vibration and noise peculiar to clippers. To prevent dogs from running away while using clippers, choose low-vibration and quiet type clippers. Also, it is important to know what your dog dislikes about clippers, as there are different sounds that dogs dislike, such as motor noise, metallic noise, and vibration.

Blades that do not get hot

When clipper guns are used for a long time, frictional heat is generated by the friction between the movable and fixed blades. It is said that a dog’s skin is thinner than that of a human infant. Even if the temperature does not feel hot to humans, there is a risk of burns after prolonged use, so it is important to select clippers with blades that do not get hot.

Ease of use

For beginners, we recommend cordless clipper guns that are easy to handle. With cordless clippers, the cord does not get in the way when changing the position or angle of the clippers, allowing for smooth trimming. On the other hand, for those who are used to using clippers, we also recommend corded AC type clippers. The advantage is that many products are relatively powerful and can be used without worrying about recharging.

Because of the frictional heat generated during prolonged use, the recommended trimming time per trim is about 20 minutes; avoid using clippers that are too heavy so that your hands do not get tired after 20 minutes of use. Also, be careful not to use clipper guns that are too light, as it will be difficult to move them in a stable manner. We also recommend products with grips and uneven surfaces to prevent slipping even when hands sweat.

Washable clipper guns that are easy to maintain

Clippers need to be cleaned and lubricated every time they are used in order to maintain the sharpness of the blades. To ensure long and safe use, we recommend washable clippers that can be easily cleaned to remove hair and debris that may have gotten into tight spaces. Also, check to see if the clippers come with a cleaning brush and oil for maintenance.

Good use of clipper guns

If the clippers’ operating noise scares the animal and it runs away, you may be able to allay its fears by letting it hear the sound beforehand. Turn on the clippers before starting work to create an environment where the sound is not bothersome.

Remember that the standard frequency of clipper use is once a month. When the hair starts to cover the eyes and ears, it is a sign that the hair needs to be cut. Also, if the hair on the soles of the feet grows long, it can become slippery and dangerous on flooring, so please check on the condition of the feet frequently while caring for them.

In most cases, dog hair is softer and finer than human hair. Human clipper guns cannot cut the hair smoothly and may damage the sensitive dog skin. In this respect, dog clipper guns have finer blades than human clippers, making it easier to cut even soft hair and less likely to damage the skin. Use dog clippers for trimming for your precious dog.

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