The coat of the poodle is called a “single coat” and is characterized by its continuous growth, so it is essential to care for it at a trimming salon at least once a month. In addition to this, a poodle’s coat is fine and frizzy, and because it grows very densely, it tends to tangle easily and form hairballs, so brushing is necessary two to three times a week. We will now introduce a slicker brush recommended for poodles, along with brushing care instructions.

Characteristics of the Poodle’s Coat

Recommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图The coat of the poodle can be divided into “curly type” and “coated type”. It is said that red and apricot poodles are mostly coated type, and black poodles are mostly curly type, but nowadays, curly type is mostly used, and coated type is rarely seen.

The curly type also varies, and as the name suggests, there are individual differences from those with fine curly hair to those with loose wavy hair. Cream and apricot dogs tend to have hair that easily forms hairballs.

Brushing Tips: How To Brush A Poodle

Untie large hairballs with your fingers

The first step in the brushing procedure is to comb the entire surface of the body with a slicker brush. It is easier and time-saving to brush in a specific order, such as starting from the tail to the head last, or from the head to the tail. After that, finish the hair with a comb. If you use a slicker brush on an area where hairballs have formed, the hair will be broken and damaged.

If the hairball is in its early stages, you can untie it with a slicker brush, but for big hairballs, you should use a comb or your fingers to untangle it instead of a slicker brush. Poodles tend to form hairballs in three areas: the base of the back off of the ears, under the armpits, and on the inner thighs. These are all hard areas, so do not use a slicker brush but instead undefined through the loose hairs with a comb.

Recommended slicker sweep

Recommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图1However, an oilskin brush and a comb are sufficient for this purpose. The slicker sweep recommended for brushing a poodle is the soft type of ONS “Musashi” professional stainless nerve slicker. The pins of the “Musashi” are really finely and neatly lined up, making it difficult to snag and giving it a crooked and fluffy finish.

It is of perfect quality and is used by many professional trimmers and show dogs. It is stiffer than a regular slicker brush, so it is better to pick out a soft type. The moderate size is 4.5 cm x 9 cm, and the medium size is 5.8 cm x 12 cm.

The Fruit’s Village Slicker Brush has pins that are less dense and more randomly aligned than those of the Musashi, so it is less harsh on the skin. When people who are not used to brushing use a slicker brush, they inevitably apply too much force. The pins of the brush may hit the dog’s skin directly and cause scratches.

On the other hand, a slicker brush with rounded, protected pins will only stroke the surface of the coat and will not be effective. The Fruit’s Village Slicker Brush reduces the burden on the dog while brushing the fur from the root. Although it is less voluminous than the Musashi, we recommend the Fruit’s Village Slicker Brush for those who are not yet confident in their ability to use a slicker brush.

Use a comb around the face and eyes

Recommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图2After slicker brushes are applied to the entire area, a comb is used for finishing touches. You can check for any remaining hairballs by running the comb through them. Larger hairballs can only be untied with a comb or your fingers. Also, use a comb to comb the hair on the face, around the eyes, and ears, as a slicker brush can be painful. Especially, combing the ears will enhance the beauty of your poodle.

The comb we recommend for poodles is the ONS “High Quality Double-Eyed Golden Comb” by ONS. Made of stainless steel, the comb is easy to comb through, and even curled poodle hair can be finished beautifully. The tips of the pins are also carefully rounded, so they will not damage your dog’s skin. There are many similar looking combs, but the comfort of Okano’s “High Quality Ryomegane Comb” is something else entirely.

Use brushing spray

Recommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图3To make brushing smoother and to make it easier to untangle fur balls, it is important to apply a brushing spray. Brushing spray helps prevent static electricity and contains ingredients that protect and moisturize the coat. If sprayed before brushing, the ingredients will penetrate the coat and improve combing, making it easier to untangle fur balls.

When purchasing a brushing spray, choose one that is highly effective in protecting the coat and does not irritate the dog’s skin. A.P.D.C Grooming Spray” contains Australian-grown, pesticide-free tea tree, lavender, and rosemary.

Spray it on before brushing to suppress static electricity and leave your pet feeling dry and fluffy. It also contains herbal oils with insect repellent properties and SPF to prevent fading of the fur color due to ultraviolet rays, making it useful for walking.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of the Fur After It Gets WetRecommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图4

  • Review the brush and brushing of your poodle.
  • Brushing spray (grooming spray) before brushing
  • Slicker brush the entire coat first
  • Finish with a comb
  • Use a comb for the face and around the eyes
  • Gently untangle small hairballs with a slicker brush.
  • Large hairballs can be untangled with a comb or your fingers.

In addition to this, it is also important to dry the fur while brushing it thoroughly after it gets wet. If the fur dries wet and tangled, it will quickly become a hairball. After a walk on a rainy day, you should give your pet a good brushing and blow-drying.

Recommended for poodles! Fluffy Slicker Poodle Brush插图5

During dry weather, the coat tends to tangle due to static electricity during brushing, so we recommend that you use a brushing spray in conjunction with a brushing spray. Brushing sprays also have the effect of increasing luster and preventing hairballs and breakage, so brushing can be done efficiently.

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