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How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!

Medicated shampoos for dogs to consider when you need to prevent ticks, fleas, itching, and dandruff. Many types are available from varied manufacturers, much as Earth PET and Showa Chemical. Many of you may be wondering which product to choose.

In this issue, we will introduce how to choose the correct medicated shampoos for dogs. Let’s find the right shampoo for your dog’s problems.

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图What is medicated shampoo for dogs?

Medicated shampoos for dogs are shampoos that contain active ingredients that are expected to sterilize and deodorize the skin and coat. It is different from ordinary shampoos for removing dirt or shining up the coat, and is suitable for dogs with low irritation and those who want to prevent skin problems much as dandruff and itching.

In addition, medicated shampoos have different unsurprising effects depending on their ingredients, and the seize shampoo depends on the cause of the skin problem, so it is important to choose the correct shampoo for your dog’s problem.

Dogs’ skin is thinner and more delicate than humans’, and their body temperature is higher because they are covered with fur. Because of this, it tends to steam easily and bacterium can well multiply. To maintain the health of their delicate skin, choose shampoo carefully.

How to choose a medicated shampoo for dogs

Check to see if it contains the right ingredients for your problem

Dogs get from a variety of scrape problems, such as itching caused by bacteria and dandruff caused by dryness. Therefore, choose an ingredient that matches your dog’s problem.

Skin problems caused by bacteria

To prevent skin problems such as itching caused by bacteria, check whether the product contains bactericidal ingredients such as chlorhexidine acetate and povidone-iodine, which have a bactericidal effect. These ingredients are expected to sterilize and deodorize the skin and coat.

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图1Dandruff and dryness

If you want to prevent dandruff, choose sulfur ingredients that have a keratolytic effect. It will soften and remove old keratin. However, shampoos containing such ingredients tin be really irritating to dogs with sensitive skin, so you will want to moisturize them together. We recommend shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramic, and collagen, which also moisturize the skin. If shampoo alone is not enough, use a conditioner.

It is better to use shampoos that list all ingredients

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图2If you want to choose a medicated shampoo that is safer, make sure that all ingredients are intelligibly listed. While shampoos for humans, which are classified advertisement as cosmetics, are required to list all ingredients, medicated shampoos for dogs are classified as quasi-drugs for veterinary use and are not required to list all ingredients.

If a shampoo lists only the active voice ingredients, it is impossible to undefined what other ingredients are contained in the shampoo. Therefore, if at all possible, pick out a shampoo that lists all ingredients. Check the production itself or the official website to find if there is a column that lists all ingredients in addition to the active ingredients.

Also, avoid using shampoos for human use, as they can be very irritating to dogs. Dogs’ scrape is thinner than humans’ and has a different pH, so washing with human shampoo may stimulate skin problems.

For dogs with sensitive skin

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图3If you want to downplay scrape irritation as much as possible, shampoos that are fragrance-free or employ natural fragrances are recommended. For dogs with an excellent feel of smell, the scent of shampoo put up be stressful. If you are concerned about your dog’s body odor and would like to use something with some fragrance, look for one that uses natural herbs such as rosemary or aloe.


How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图4Buy a medicated shampoo for dogs in an amount that can be used up within six months of opening the package. Once the shampoo is opened, it oxidizes every time it comes into contact with air, and its quality deteriorates. Therefore, delight use up the shampoo as soon as possible after opening the package, aiming for six months.

Dogs shampoo to a lesser extent frequently than humans, so it is important to select a size up that is not overly large, taking into thoughtfulness the size of your dog and the relative frequency of shampooing. In addition, to prolong the quality of the shampoo, it is recommended to store it away from hot and humid places.

Consult your veterinarian

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图5It is also important to consult a veterinary surgeon when choosing the right medicated shampoo for your dog. Each dog’s scrape type, such as dry or oily, is different, and operational care cannot be provided unless the make of the problem is correctly determined. Be witting that using an unfit medicated shampoo may decline the symptoms.

Some veterinary clinics may be able to acquaint you to products that play off your dog’s symptoms after a checkup examination. In plus to scrape conditions, mature and physical condition should also be taken into thoughtfulness when selecting a shampoo, so refer with your veterinarian to find the right shampoo for your dog.

Proper use of medicated shampoos for dogs

When shampooing with medicated shampoo, first brush your dog to remove excess hair and surface dirt before showering.

Next, wet your dog by showering it with warm water from the buttocks and legs so as not to startle it. Apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands, lather it up, and gently massage it into the skin, starting with the areas that need special care. Then, allow about 10 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate into the horny layer of the skin.

Finally, rinse off the shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. Wash carefully, as shampoo tends to remain in wrinkles and between fingers. After rinsing, place a towel over the area and dab it gently to absorb the water. Avoid scrubbing to avoid stressing the skin.

How To Choose Medicated Shampoo For Dogs Correctly? Just Come Here!插图6

Shampooing too often can remove too much sebum and cause skin problems, so if there are no skin problems, shampooing should be done once or twice a month. What we have introduced is just the basic usage and recommended frequency. If there is a recommended method or doctor’s instruction for the product you are using, use it accordingly.

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