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Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图Dogs need to be shampooed on a regular basis because of the dirt from outside, such as from walking, as well as excrement and sebum from their bodies. And some people shampoo their dogs more frequently, thinking to keep them clean. However, shampooing at shorter intervals than necessary can be hard on both the owner and the dog.

In this article, we will discuss waterless shampoo, which is less burdensome than regular shampoo.

How to Choose a Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

Clarify the purpose

It is recommended that you first understand what the purpose of use is. If you want to remove soil from your dog, you should choose a shampoo that is suitable for that purpose; and if your dog is suffering from a disease, you should choose a shampoo that can take worry of it. It is important to understand this because it will be the solution to your dog’s problems.

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图1Low irritation

Choose one that is non-irritating. Those that are mildly acidic are safe for dogs. Doggies tend to be sensitive to irritation, so choose a mildly stimulating product to ensure that they are well cared for. We also recommend fragrance-free products. Doggies have strong noses, and strong smells can be irritating.

Safety for dogs

Choose products made with safe ingredients so that your dog can lick the shampoo. Additive-free products are gentle on your dog’s skin and safe to use. Also, considering that dogs are sensitive to smells, it is important to choose products that are fragrance-free or gently perfumed as practically as possible.

Check if the product can be washed immediately

It is also important to get it on if the product has a goodness lather so that it can be washed quickly. The better the lather, the smoother it will be to shampoo your doggie. The longer you shampoo your dog, the more disagreeable it will be. Therefore, take a shampoo that wish be easier on your dog.

Good lather and lather rinsing

Choose a shampoo that has good lather and good lather rinsing properties. Lathering helps the shampoo penetrate the coat and entangle dirt and odors. Also, since waterless shampoo does not require rinsing but only wiping off, if you do not choose a shampoo that rinses off lather well, lather will remain on the body indefinitely.

Points to Keep in Mind When Using Waterless Shampoo

Choose a waterless shampoo with dog safety in mind

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图2Dogs may become bothered by the smell of something on their bodies and lick it. Considering the possibility of dogs licking waterless shampoo, even if the waterless shampoo says it is safe for licking, be sure to check whether it is made from ingredients that are safe even if they enter the dog’s body, and whether it contains any dangerous ingredients.

Frequency of Waterless Shampoo for Dogs

A good rule of thumb for shampoo frequency is once every two weeks. Leaving too much dirt on the skin can cause skin problems. On the other hand, too much shampooing is also not good. If your smell disappears too much, your dog will feel stressed. Also, too much sebum, which plays a role in protecting the coat and skin, can cause skin problems. Be sure to use it at a frequency that is appropriate.

Expiration date of waterless shampoo for dogs

Shampoos that do not contain preservatives should have an expiration date clearly indicated, so be sure to check it carefully before use. Even if it contains preservatives, it should be used up within a year. It is also important to follow storage instructions carefully, such as avoiding high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight, to prevent damage to the product.

What to do when dogs do not like waterless shampoo

Compared to shampoos that require rinsing with water, few dogs dislike waterless shampoo. Even so, some dogs may be anxious about what they will be subjected to…? and some dogs may not be able to sit still.

In such cases, don’t be in a hurry, but talk to them gently as you shampoo. It may be a good idea to reward them with a treat afterwards. Once he understands that shampooing is not scary and that he will be rewarded, he will accept it. If your pet understands that shampooing is not scary and that he will be rewarded, he will accept it. If your dog doesn’t like it, don’t try to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do, but work at his pace.

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图3Check for any abnormalities after use

Although waterless shampoo for dogs is made to suit the dog’s body, there are individual differences in the dog’s constitution, so there is a possibility that some abnormality may occur. Check for any abnormalities after use. Also, if used on a dog with skin problems, be aware that the skin problems may worsen. We recommend consulting a veterinary clinic if necessary.

Wipe thoroughly and finish by brushing

Since waterless shampoos such as foam and spray types contain water, wipe off the water thoroughly and finish by brushing.

Popular Products of Waterless Shampoo

Dry shampoo for dogs (OneNyan)

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图4Made in Japan for your peace of mind. Contains natural ingredients tailored for pets. Because it is waterless, it can easily be used for simple partial cleaning of paws after a walk or going out, or for washing the whole body. It is also convenient for delicate days when the pet is in poor health, for caring for bedridden seniors, or when traveling, such as camping.

Dry Shampoo (ZOIC) 

This shampoo is suitable for young dogs and senior pets that have difficulty shampooing. It can also be used for a quick pick-me-up after a walk or after using the restroom. The green fruity floral scent will leave your pet with a fresh and sweet aroma. Moisturizing ingredients include natural ingredients of green tea extract and soybean extract for safe use.

Waterless Shampoo: How to Choose and Use It for Dogs插图5

Waterless shampoos for dogs are less harsh than shampoos that use water, but they also have less cleaning power. And the foam-type waterless shampoos we carry do not need to be rinsed off, and can float and remove grease while at the same time moisturizing, thus reducing the physical burden on the dog. We hope you will try our shampoo, which we were able to develop because we actually work in veterinary hospitals every day and have examined tens of thousands of animals.

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