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Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?

Sometimes people take their dog outdoors, but it gets too excited and the dog always gets covered in mud. Also, many people are concerned about their dog’s dry skin and skin diseases, and are turning to additive-free shampoos and organic shampoos. So, we have compiled a list of additive-free shampoos that we recommend for your dog.

All additive-free soaps introduced in this article are solid soaps. Solid soaps are plastic-free because they do not generate plastic waste. Also, compared to liquid soap, they can be secondhand more often and are more cost-effective, so they are more friendly to the people budget.

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图[K9 Natural] Manuka wash out Bar

This soap is made of 100% natural ingredients from New Zealand. Instead of using artificial additives to add anti-bacterial properties, it uses ingredients from flowers such as Manuka and Kanuka. No surfactants are used. This single production is equivalent to 450 mil soap, making it a cost-effective and household-friendly dog soap. It is also made with thoughtfulness for sustainable raw material procurement, greenhouse gas prevention, recycling, and biodegradability.

[Pelo] organic fertilizer Soap

This additive-free lather contains no fragrances, preservatives, or colorants. It is carefully made over a time period of about two months to ensure that the composition of the oil does not change. This soap is also designed with dogs’ sensitive skin and sense of smell up in mind, and is recommended for owners who want to tighten stress caused by soaping their dogs as much as possible.

[Sanriku Soap Studio KURIYA] Natural Soap

This soap is fragrance-free and additive-free, and was created for quick-lathering so as not to cause stress to dogs that are sensitive to odors. The quick lathering reduces the time required for soaping, which in turn reduces stress on your dog. It is a pure soap with no synthetic surfactants or preservatives, so it reduces the burden on your dog’s skin.

[Natural Ao] DOG SOAP: Soap for dogs

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图1This soap is made by the “cold process method,” in which no heat is added to the ingredients and only reactive heat is used to slowly mature the ingredients. Made from natural ingredients, the soap is quickly decomposed without penetrating or remaining in the dog’s skin. This reduces stress on delicate dog skin. Even if your dog apologizes and puts it in his mouth, it will be decomposed into harmless fatty acids and salts in his gastric juice.

[atelier POCKET] Dog Soap SHIHO

This soap is made from plant-derived oil and refined lard. The soap is made from plant-derived oil and purified lard. The cold work method, which uses only reaction heat to work the soap without adding wake to the oil, ensures that the soap is packed with wholesome ingredients. In addition, synthetic surfactants, synthetic antioxidants, synthetic substance preservatives, and synthetic fragrances are not used.

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图2[a.t.n] Salt of the Sun Soap Cute

This salt soap is made by the “vacuum-pressure process,” in which materials are ground into a fine powder and shaped into soap. The vacuum-pressure process does not add stir-up or water to the soap during production, so the natural ingredients are not easily degraded. The ingredients are only vegetable lather base, ocean salt, azuki beans, rice bran, honey, camellia powder, and collagen; no surfactants, glycerin, preservatives, coloring agents, or fragrances are used.

[Milovina] Happy Dog Soap

This solid soap is made with only natural ingredients and is designed for dogs with sensitive skin. It contains aroma and green clay (sea mud) to reduce skin problems. It is a vegan product with no chemical additives and is not tested on animals.

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图3[Ezo Marche] Salt Bubble Premium

This soap soap contains a blend of sea salt from the Genkai Sea and the Seto Inland Sea, as well as beauty ingredients that are gentle on the skin of both the dog and the person washing it. It also contains horse oil for moisturizing effect. It contains no petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic foaming agents, chelating agents, or other additives.

[Mumuto] Soap Bar

This additive-free solid soap is made from DOG-EGF, a canine epidermal growth factor registered with the International Collection of Ingredients for Cosmetics (ICID) for the first time in the world, and natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant oils. protein. It is also free of colorants, fragrances, and preservatives. You can choose from three types with different characteristics: orange, lavender, and rosemary.

[Dirty Paws] Soap for dogs

This New Zealand-made dog soap is made from only natural ingredients derived from nature. It is expected to have insecticide and antibacterial effects, and is also good for caring for dirt on paws and fur after a walk. It is environmentally friendly and biodegrades in water.

[Awaji Island Soap] Dog Soap

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图4This handmade, additive-free soap makes use of Awaji Island ingredients. Contains camellia oil as a moisturizing ingredient for fur. No additives such as fragrance, colorant, preservatives, or surfactants are used. In addition, the herbs used to make the essential oils are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

[Smile] Organic soap for dogs

We want to make a soap for dogs that is safe enough for them to use even if they lick it off! This handmade organic soap for dogs was created out of the desire to “create a soap for dogs that is safe enough to use even if your dog licks it! It contains no synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, synthetic antioxidants, or synthetic fragrances. The soap alone makes the hair fluffy, so there is no need to rinse or treat.

[Natural Dog Company] Sensitive Soap Bar

Dog Soaps: Which Is The Best One For Dogs?插图5Natural Dog Company soaps are organic, vegan, and contain only natural ingredients. Ingredients such as aloe vera and cocoa butter condition and moisturize your dog’s skin. It is free of dyes, parabens, chemicals, fragrances, sulfates, and detergents. It also contains organic oatmeal to help soothe skin irritations, rashes, and acne.


We have a collection of organic and additive-free solid soaps for your dog. Using solid soap can also contribute to de-plasticization by reducing plastic waste. Please refer to this page for reference in selecting a soap.

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