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How to Help Your Dog Be Easy to Grooming Scissors

Dogs are beloved members of our family, and they depend on us to take care of them. One important aspect of caring for a dog is regular dog grooming. Grooming is essential for maintaining a dog’s health and hygiene, but it can also be a source of dog anxiety. Understanding why our dog may be anxious during grooming and what you can do to help can make the experience more pleasant for both us and our furry companion.

Dog anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways, including fear, nervousness, and avoidance. Some dogs may become anxious when they are touched or handled in certain ways, while others may be anxious when they are in unfamiliar environments or around unfamiliar people. Grooming can trigger anxiety in dogs for a number of reasons, including the sensation of being touched, the sound of clippers or scissors, dog grooming baths, and the unfamiliarity of the grooming process. They may also feel uncomfortable due to sensitive skin or are prone to skin irritations.

As dog owners, we’ve all encountered situations where our beloved furry friends display unexpected fears or anxieties. One such common fear that perplexes many pet parents is a dog’s fear of scissors. While it may seem puzzling at first, understanding the underlying reasons behind this fear can help us address it with compassion and find effective solutions. And, firstly we need to understand why your dog is afraid of scissors.

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Snipping Sound of The Scissors Frighten Him

Your dog’s senses are much sharper than you. He may be hearing a noise that you can’t hear, or a noise that you think is not there. You may not be able to hear the snipping sounds of scissors when you are using them to cut things, but that is not the case for your dog!

He can easily perceive sounds from far away and dogs are naturally afraid of the snipping sound that comes from scissors. They can get extremely frightened when they hear this sound because they are aware of what it means, that is, something is going to get cut. The noise from the scissors may make your dog think that you are going to groom him again (which he simply hates). He will start flickering his tongue, panic and run away or hide in his crate.

Bad Experience With Scissor

One of the common reasons for your dog to be wary of scissors is because he may have had an unpleasant experience with someone cutting his nails using scissors. This makes him associate scissors with painful nail-cuitting experience, and he may also start to exhibit this fearsome behavior in any other situation that involves cutting (such as trimming of his fur), even if the person who uses it is someone he is familiar with. It could also be the case that it reminds him of the traumatic experience of losing all his fur when a dog groomer used scissors to cut all his fur. This makes him nervous and uncomfortable.

The Odor Left on the Scissors Stunned Him

You might have used scissors or knife to cut things that your dog dislikes (such as opening a package of spices) and that indirectly makes him get frightful of it. The odor left on the scissors irritates his nose and makes him feel uncomfortable. This makes him associate scissors with an offensive scent that tickles his nose and makes him uneasy. Thus, it is important that you do a proper cleanup of scissors after each use. Generally, washing scissors or knife with water and dish soap right after use will keep the odor away. Avoid using white vinegar or lemon to wash your scissors as dogs are fearful of the irritating scent from them.

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If you want to learn how to help a dog get used to clippers, you’re going to have to be patient. The process moves along faster with young puppies, while older dogs tend to be more cautious and anxious.

Groom Them Young

The earlier you begin grooming our dog, the more comfortable they will become with the process compared to beginning grooming as an adult dog. Adult dogs can be very apprehensive and wary of a new person handling them. Introduce them to dog grooming tools and techniques when they are still a puppy. This will help them become accustomed to the sensation of being brushed, combed and having their nails trimmed. Make sure.

Take it slow

Don’t rush through dog grooming sessions. We should take our time and let our dogs get used to each step before moving on to the next. For example, begin by simply petting and massaging our dog, then gradually introduce brushing, combing and shampooing.

Sometimes using a soothing shampoo that relieves their stress and itchy skin may help. Like Dogsee Veda’s oatmeal shampoo for dogs. The texture of the shampoo may help get into and clean all the areas collecting dirt and debris.

Using the best dog shampoo will help our dog to feel more relaxed and less anxious during the grooming process. Also, be aware that some dogs may require more time to adjust to grooming. Don’t get frustrated if it takes a little longer for our dog to become comfortable with grooming.

Introduce the Clippers to Your Dog

Some dog owners assume that it’s only the noise of the clippers alone is what’s going to bother their dog, but there’s actually more than that, depending on the dog. You will need to get your dog used to new stimulating aspects of the clippers such as:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Feeling

All this is new to your dog, and any of them could make the dog uncomfortable. To get him used to the sight and smell of pet clippers, all you have to do is introduce them to your pup and leave them out (while off) where he can explore them in his own time. Hold the clippers up for the dog to sniff, but if he doesn’t show an interest, don’t force him to. As long as your dog is not a chewer, leave the pet clipper out on the floor where your pet can sniff the tool and check it out on his own.


If you’re grooming a dog at home don’t rush through dog grooming sessions. Make our time and let our dog get used to each step before moving on to the next.  Your dog can sense you getting tensed and stressed. Keeping yourself calm will help our dog to feel more relaxed and less anxious during the dog grooming process. If you’re going to the groomers, remember that car rides provoke anxiety. And dogs that arrive at the groomer already stressed or anxious can be an extra challenge. Make it a habit to take our doggo on frequent car rides. It will help him get rid of motion sickness and the obvious concern of unknown destinations.

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A dog’s fear of scissors can be perplexing, but by exploring the seven aspects discussed in this guide. We can gain insights into the underlying causes and find effective solutions. From addressing past negative experiences to managing noise sensitivity, unfamiliar objects, grooming traumas, human body language, lack of socialization, and genetic predispositions, we can help our furry companions overcome their scissor fear with patience and compassion.

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